Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter, Here We Come

July 13, 2009

We have been fully immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Since the newest installment premieres at midnight Wednesday morning, Doug and I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon this past weekend, and we finished up today with The Order of the Phoenix. Every single one of the movies has at least one moment that makes me cry, and I fully expect the same from the upcoming film.

Although my daughter is going to be one of the teens standing in line for the midnight showing, Doug and I will not be joining her. She's going with a big group of her high school friends, but he and I have decided we'll make a date night of it once the hype dies down a little (if we can hold out that long). We've tried so see as many of the HP movies as possible together, so it's an outing that we are really looking forward to. It'll also give me an opportunity to preview the movie for my two little ones, who are both also looking forward to seeing it. However, Nicholas especially is a bit skittish, so it helps to be able to forewarn him of potentially scary scenes. As long as he's sitting by me and can put his head on my shoulder, he's fine.

Though Harry Potter has a huge fan base, there are also a lot of detractors. There are those who say that J K Rowlings is too simplistic, or too predictable. There are those who would argue that as an author, she caters to the elementary school-kid reading palate, and that she doesn't even do that all that well. In our household, though, the books appealed to both adults, the avid reader teenager, and the reluctant reader pre-teen. As a matter of fact, I credit the series as one of the main reasons that my reluctant reader has now become the kid who can't put down the book--any book. He encountered Harry Potter at just the right time in his development--it peaked his interest and made him realize the worlds that could be opened up to him through reading. How could you not endorse that kind of influence? Harry Potter was the first book and movie series that had such a broad appeal that it became a common language--a familiar world--to all of us in our home.


  1. I remember sitting in a faculty meeting (at my old school)one August morning when the principal decided to play a "get to know ya" game. (sigh)
    She said that we had to go around the room, state our name, our job assignment, and the last book we read. This was at the height of Harry Potter mania. Instead of joining together in fraternity and cohesion, things quickly went awry when the entire faculty either chose Harry Potter OR the Bible as their book of choice. Immediately, the Harry Potter-ists became evil doers and the Bible-ists becaome holier-than-thous.
    Pandemonium ensued. I threw a wrench in the proceedings when I said that my book was The Princess Bride, The Good Parts. No one knew what to label me. "Isn't there witchcraft in that book?" I heard the Bible-ists whisper. The Potter-ists wondered if I only read the good parts of the book or if that was the real title.


    I do love Harry Potter. They are way fun. And yes, very much worth the read, for folks of all ages. Nay-sayers are silly.
    Enjoy the film!

  2. Cheers to Harry Potter for instilling a love of reading in your child - not to mention the rest of the family!

  3. My 11-year old daughter and wife have both read the Harry Potter series, twice! They eagerly anticipate the latest move installment and I hear that it doesn't disappoint HP fans!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry Potter! Last year I actually re-read the entire series all in a row so I could experience the whole thing uninterrupted. Bliss.

    Looking forward to the movie - of course I probably won't see it for awhile, but I'm hoping it won't be too long!

  5. I love Harry Potter!!!
    @ Ginger - that sounds horrible. I'm sure I would never fit in at the school. I love both the HP series and the Bible and don't think they are mutually exclusive.

  6. My hubby had reserved tics for Wednesday morning and then daughter had to go and have kidney stone attack requiring ultrasound! Luckily it looks like the stone broke up and is dispersing so after dispensing a pain med Harry Potter was rescheduled for the afternoon and I got an afternoon alone to start planning for BlogHer! I could be all stupidly happy without anyone around to notice.

    Any book series that can get a kid to read is worth it. Anyone should know that! Get them started and watch them go!