Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giuseppe Gallo's Restaurant

April 13, 2011 Our very good friends just moved back to Clovis, and they're getting ready to open up a fabulous new Italian restaurant with delicious fresh food made from scratch. This is not the first time Gary and Cheryl have opened and run a successful restaurant; they definitely know what they're doing. One of the things that has been very exciting has been watching the transformation of the inside of the building as they are remodeling and outfitting the existing place into the restaurant it will become. I've never before been able to see a business like this being built up from its inception. There's a lot of love and care and expertise laying the groundwork for Giuseppe Gallo's. I can't wait until they are open for business! Those of you who are local can look for them at Willow Station near the beginning of May. You won't want to miss out! Pictures of the process. These are the 'before' pictures. 'After' pictures coming soon.


  1. Sorry to say... I'm highly disappointed in the mediocre food I had. Here is some constructive critisism... It tastes like canned food. Not what you want for a supposed italian beisto type place. Hope it gets better, because you wont stay in biz long with the food I tasted. Sorry !

  2. I thought the food was awesome! And after reading the facebook comments, I'm not the only one! Try it. You won't be disappointed!

  3. I have been there multiple times, and have NEVER been disappointed. VERY VERY good food and excellent service.