Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tough Chick

March 29, 2010

When Danielle decided she wanted to play catcher for her softball team, I figured we'd be in for a little bruising here and there. So when she came home with her leg and knees covered in purple, pink and sickly green, I asked her how many times she'd been pelted with the ball in order to come home with those badges of honor.
Badges of honor, my foot! When the truth came out, little Missy didn't earn her bruises taking one for the team. In what I don't consider her most bright decision, she had decided while playing at a friends house to engage in a friendly little game of 'kidnappers.' The girl voluntarily allowed her friend to tie her up and put her in the garage until the 'detective' came and found her. While tied up, Miss Grace thought she'd reposition herself, and she tripped and got into a fight with an errant scooter. She beamed with pride telling the story though, because she didn't cry, so her friends thought she was a pretty tough chick.

Hopefully she'll stick to good old-fashioned hide 'n seek in the future, sans rope. Purple's not her best color.

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  1. Oh gah...I'd be freaking out about the tying up the hostage part. (Although I remember playing this game when I was young...a very long time ago. haha.)

    That is a doozy of a bruise. Hope it heals soon. :)