Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's That Time Again

August 22, 2009

Of all the times of the year, this is when I miss my mom most--the weekend before school kicks off again for the new year. More than her birthday, even more than the anniversary of her death, this is the time her presence is strongest, even ten years after her death. I remember even before I became a teacher spending time in her classroom, organizing and decorating everything so that it was welcoming and 'homey' for her kids. After I got my own credential, she and I took turns helping each other out, spending late nights the the Saturday and Sunday before the first day of school making everything just right in our rooms. Our district also does a huge 'Kick-off Rally' for every employee in the district on the Thursday before school starts--we rode together, cheered together, got inspired (or not) by the keynote speaker, and were encouraged about the work that we do for the kids.All of those experiences she and I shared for so many years make the beginnings of all my school years tie inextricably to her memory.

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  1. What lovely memories. This is such a nice tribute to clearly something that was so special to you both.

    Hugs to you.