Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I Like Facebook

July 7, 2010

One of the things I really love about Facebook is the ability to keep in touch with former students as they continue on in their college experiences and on into their adult lives. In the past, I spent a year (and sometimes even more, if I had them for multiple years) bonding with these kids, learning about them, getting to know them, and watching them grow. Then, when they moved on to new phases of their lives, they disappeared. I had to just hope that all the wonderful things I wished for them--happiness, health, success in school and work and family--were coming to them. With the explosion of Facebook, though, I have been able to follow my kids' successes (and yes, sometimes struggles) as they grow into their adult lives. I have loved seeing them transition into wonderful young men and women, and I have had the privilege to reconnect with them in person every now and again as well.

Recently, I got to have lunch with a couple of wonderful young ladies I had as students two years ago, and just a few days later, joined several students from this past year's class for lunch as well. I love getting to see all the amazing things these kids have in their futures, and I'm honored to continue to know them as the years go by.

Jackie Aldern and Brittany Vock
Paolina Fisher, April Stearns, Jeremy Erdman, Taylor Hellam, Eric Ormond, Jessica Wang, Megan Zwesloot, Adam Nitido, Parmita Choudhury, Tianci Liu, Mohammad Kohrsand
Taylor, wearing a Bob Dylan shirt in my honor (since he loves him and he knows I can't stand Bob). Thanks, Taylor.

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