Sunday, September 11, 2011

Team Ricochet Season Opener

September 11, 2011

Ah's that time again. On Saturday we found ourselves back out on the big soccer field, ready for the season opener. Danielle is playing goalie again, but is splitting time at defender as well. The oppressive heat and humidity on that field at 11:00 in the morning made me long for the days when we'll be sitting out in the fog and the rain in just a couple of short months--don't quote me on that, though. (In a couple of months, I'll be shivering out there, wishing for a little heat, mark my words.)

Team Ricochet played a very tough team, but they played admirably. We lost, 2-1, but had it not been for the scrappiness of our girls, it could have been a much bigger spread. Next week, we're ready to fight for the win.

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