Monday, August 31, 2015

First Assignment

August 31, 2015

Well, I'm in with two feet. I've turned in my first college paper in a very long time.  The requirement wasn't especially a long paper (and naturally, I went beyond the minimum; brevity has never been my strong suit), but there was a little bit of trepidation and intimidation and procrastination and "what-if-they-don't-like-what-I've-written?", even though ultimately I feel pretty good about what I wrote.  It was essentially a paper synthesizing information in four different articles about the teaching of literacy, something I am passionate about and about which I have something to say.  So, you know--I had buy-in.  But it did give me a minute's pause to remember that our students face trepidation and intimidation and procrastination and "what-if-they-don't-like-what-I've-written?" even (especially) when we ask them to write about something they are less than passionate about.  I think everyone who's been on the teaching side of the desk for awhile should get back in the students' desks every now and again.  It's a good reminder.

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