Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, New Semester

January 9, 2017

Tomorrow (today, actually, but I haven't gone to bed yet so it's kind of tomorrow) I go back to school after a two week’s vacation for Christmas.  As usual, I walked a fine line between allowing myself to relax and running through the whole host of ‘projects’ that by necessity take a back seat during the school year.  As usual, I didn’t do enough of either.  I’m not going to beat myself up, though; I’ll just keep trying to carve out small bits of time during the semester to take that down time and to chip away at the house projects so that when spring break comes around, I won’t feel that everything has to be done RIGHTNOW.  For the first time this year, my school district ended our semester at Christmas break, so we come back from vacation to a clean slate for second semester.  For the last two days, my head has been spinning with all the things I want to change and adapt for my students over the coming months—how can I reach those kids who struggle to stay connected, how can I continue to try to make the curriculum both relevant and interesting to the kids, how do I help those kids who need a little (or big) push to help motivate them….  I never sleep well the night before I go back to school after some time off.  Looking forward to seeing my kids again and kicking of the second half of the year!

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