Thursday, January 2, 2020

Diving Right In

January 2, 2020

I bought a plecostomus for my fish tank today--you know, the algae eaters that help keep the tank clean.  My little betta fish (Swim Shady) might enjoy the company after a few months of solitude, I'm thinking.  One of the things I remember from having a fish tank growing up is that you need to float a new fish in the tank in its own baggie of water for a time so the fish can acclimate to the temperature of the environment before releasing him into the 'wild'.  So I tried that--floating the fish.   Turns out, every time I tried to situate the baggie, the little sucker (see what I did there?) shimmied his way up to the part of the baggie without water and sort of beached himself there.  Now, I don't know off the top of my head how long you're supposed to acclimate a fish, but I'm thinking it's longer than the amount of time a fish can survive without water.  And that little guy was stubbornly refusing to stay wet!  So I decided this fish is a 'jump in with both fins' sort of a fish.

Sometimes in life you need a slow tip-toe into the pool, and sometimes it makes more sense to dive right in.  The trick is knowing which is which.  So we ever really know?  I suppose we'll find out tomorrow if my new friend's daredevilry paid off.

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