Sunday, March 29, 2020

30 Things That Make Me Smile

March 29, 2020

Because we have all been housebound for several days now,
and because some of us are looking for a little sunshine right
about now, I thought I’d write a list of 30 things that make me
smile.  Try it yourself; it might lift your spirits a little bit!

  1. My children, who are my world
  2. My siblings, with whom I share my past stories and journeys
  3. Dear friends, who are my sounding board and my sanity
  4. Uncontrollable baby giggles
  5. Flowers peeking up through cracks in the sidewalk
  6. Chocolate
  7. A stack of books to read
  8. Old fashioned letters in the mail
  9. Big fluffy white clouds in the sky
  10. The sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore
  11. The smell of the air just before rainfall
  12. Christmas carols and twinkling lights
  13. Waterfalls, lakes, and rivers
  14. Heart-shaped stones
  15. Long drives with full-blast car concerts
  16. Dancing in the rain
  17. My cozy bed when the sheets are freshly washed
  18. Bubble baths
  19. A glass of wine beside a crackling fire
  20. Playful puppies
  21. Friends reruns
  22. Hugs that say “I Love You”
  23. Beautiful shoes
  24. An exquisite home-cooked meal
  25. Holding hands with someone I love
  26. Live music
  27. Tap dancing
  28. Long walks after dark
  29. Swinging on the playground
  30. Sleeping in late on a lazy weekend morning

So many more, but that’s a start.  I feel a little better now.

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