Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fives for Friday

February 18, 2010

I love...
--my funny, sweet, big-hearted, quirky kids
--my hubby, the holder of my heart
--my job (well, most of it)
--sunshiny weather
--chubby cheeked toothless baby grins and giggles

I wish....
--my sister and her girls could just move here--now
--for a great job opportunity for Doug
--for the continued health and well-being of my family
--I wasn't sick right now
--for just one more....

I don't like....
--people who feel the need to create drama
--mean-spirited souls
--that there's more of me than I'd like
--when I lose my cool with the kids
--how long it's been since we've had a vacation

I want....
--more time to read (without falling asleep!)
--more teaching days like today
--a car (van) that doesn't screech, crackle, and sputter like an arthritic octogenarian
--a better camera so the pictures I see are the ones that come out on the page
--my kids to know how proud I am of them and that I'll always be their biggest cheerleader

I feel...
--amazed at the people I've reconnected with in the past couple of years
--thankful that in this economy I have a job and a home
--anxious about balancing all the blocks in the tower
--nostalgic already about the fact that my oldest graduates next year--NEXT YEAR!
--I'm making up the answers as I go along, but I know I'm not alone

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