Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bouncing Baby Boy

August 4, 2010
This summer has been such a bountiful one for the extended Mayes family! First, my niece Tiffany made me a Great Aunt for the first time when she introduced Miss Graci Raelynn into the world. Then, my sister-of-the--heart Cheryl brought home the beautiful Miss Marlo Rae to join our extended family. And yesterday, my brother and sis-in-law made me an auntie once again when little Nathan Andrew made his debut at 7:25 p.m.

Nathan will have quite the story to tell about his birth when he's older. He was quite comfortable right where he was, and was in no hurry to be born. More than a week after he was due, the doctor decided he needed a little nudge. I'm sure Julie, who was probably starting to worry that she was going to be permanently pregnant, was ready to be induced. They went into the hospital yesterday morning, and the light at the end of the tunnel was finally in sight.

Towards the evening, I got a text from Julie. Naturally, I was expecting to hear that Nathan had been born. Nope. She sent me a text letting me know that while the doctor was administering the epidural, Scott suddenly passed out. Not one to do things halfway, he didn't just pass out, though--he hit his head on a cabinet on the way down and managed to give himself a severe concussion and cut open his head. A CAT scan and six staples in the head later, the doctors decided it would be best to send Scott home for the night with some friends so that he could recover. I talked to Scott just a bit later, and he said he had knocked himself out so completely that it took him about half an hour to be able to tell the doctor where he was and why he was in the hospital to begin with. A little scary, and I'm sure a bit disappointing to Scott that he wasn't there when Nathan finally made his appearance, but ultimately it was probably for the best that he went home to recuperate.

Today they posted pictures on Facebook so that we could all 'meet' our newest member of the family. Scott brought older brothers Matthew and Micah to the hospital--the whole family together. I'm still struggling with the fact that they are so far away and I don't get to hold Baby Nathan right away, and I don't honestly know when I'll get to. In the meantime, I'll have to content myself with lots of pictures until I get to visit.
Congratulations, Scott, Julie, Matthew, and Micah--you'll have to give Baby Nathan extra hugs and kisses for me until I can get there!


  1. What a wild ride for them all. That story will be making the rounds at holiday dinners for the rest of his life!

  2. i agree, crazy story!! that's a precious baby!!

  3. What a sweet baby. Ack about passing out though. That'll be a funny story to tell at least.