Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peace and Love, Man

September 30, 2010

We just attended a party a couple of weeks ago for some pretty groovy people. Our beautiful friend Carrie and her sisters threw a celebration for their parents, Carol and Shel. Not for a birthday or an anniversary or anything--just to celebrate them. What a beautiful idea, right? The sisters called the family together (and a few of us who aren't in the family but just love them anyway) and threw a seventies-style party just to let them know we all think Carol and Shel are very cool people.

It was love-fest, complete with dancing, singing, temporary tattoos and facepainting, a pet rock garden, and of course food and champagne. There were even trophies awarded for best costume, best karaoke (now proudly displayed on our mantle, proclaiming Doug's singing prowess), and best pet rock design. Check out Nola's picture down below; not only was her winning 70's costume impressive, it was designed and created by Nola herself. She definitely looked the part!

You know what was so great about the party? I mean besides Carol and Shel, of course, who are fantastic. What was great was how creatively and enthusiastically Carrie and Debbie and Laurie threw themselves into the celebration. I wish I had that kind of creativity and that kind of initiative to put something like that in motion. I mean, I always think events like this are tremendously fun, but I'm just happy when someone invites me to the gathering, because I myself am not the one who has the idea or the ability to get the ball rolling on something like that.

I have to admit, though, a celebration like this makes me just a little bit melancholy as well.... I wish my own mom was still around for us to fete like this--just because, just to say thanks. It's one more reason why I'm so thankful that we get the opportunity to 'borrow' some of our friends as family sometimes. It puts us in a grander context, gives us a spot on the continuum. We are all the anchors for our own children, and some of us who have lost our own anchors too early in life seek out ways to regain moorings. I'm grateful to have found so many people who continue to help provide that sense of place.

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