Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spirit Week/Homecoming Game

October 3, 2010

It was Homecoming Week here at Buchanan, and as usual, most folks got into the spirit of being silly, creative, and well, spirited. Each day of Homecoming Week, the kids and faculty members are encouraged to dress up according to a theme. Monday was sports day, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of that. Just picture lots of kids wearing team names like Bears and Chargers and Colts. You get the idea. Not being a big follower of any 'real' sports, I opted to wear my son's elementary soccer jersey.

Tuesday was Dress Up Like a Character From a Literary Series. Sure, it's a mouthful, but it produced some fun outfits. My first period class showed up representing the following: Where's Waldo?, The Cat in the Hat, Captain Underpants (I never really got the draw of that series, but it works for some people.), Little Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Twilight Fan, Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia, and me, channelling Miss Hermione Granger of recent Harry Potter fame.

Seventh period alluded to a few more literary figures: Thing One, of Cat in the Hat Notoriety (one can only assume Thing Two is out causing mayhem and mischief and was far too busy to stop for a picture), Junie B. Jones, who is one of my all-time favorite young readers characters, the Twilight series with a twist--Paige decided on taking a departure from the usual Edward versus Jacob argument and went with Team Austin instead. Also represented were Harry Potter and the Batman series, and finally what I will have to guess is a figure from the 'literary' world of gaming. I don't know the character, so I'll just have to take Caleb's word for it.

Part of the Homecoming Week festivities is the Club Sign Painting for the parade before the big game. Since I am advisor for the Cycling Club--oddly enough--I got to supervise sign-painting for my darlings. Nicholas decided he'd lend a helping hand, even though he doesn't even go to this school just yet.

Tuesday we had Occupations Day. Marcos is my next-door teaching buddy, and his son decided to come dressed up as a teacher. A particular teacher. Notice the resemblance? Gavin Sharpied on a goatee to match his dad's, and believe me, there were quite a few double-takes in the hallways.
Careers of my fourth period students included firefighters, doctors, an old school newspaper boy, a Forest Ranger, President Obama, and a construction worker.
Sixth period kids were doctors, nurses, forest servicemen, civil engineers, and a field worker.
Thursday had all the kids showing their elementary school spirit, with all of our feeder schools represented. Aren't they adorable?
My oldest daughter Brianna, hearkening back to her younger, pony-tailed days gone by.
More elementary school spirit.
And more. Look how tight the first guys jersey is. Austin showed real dedication to try and wriggle into that shirt that probably fit him well in 3rd grade.
A few of the clubs that participated in Friday night's Homecoming Parade:

Homecoming King and Queen. The Queen, Taylor, is one of my students this year, and an absolute sweetheart.
The band getting ready to play the National Anthem.
My 'extra' daughter, Macie, who was one of the Homecoming Queen nominees. She and Bree have been friends since 1st grade.
Homecoming Class Skits at half-time.

After the game--which we won!--the kids all came to the gym for a Homecoming dance. I had duty, so I got to take some pictures of my kids while I was there.

Ann, Olivia, and Liz
Michelle and Amanda
Taylor Sacamoto, Homecoming Queen
Marlowe as Snooki (dressed up for the Homecoming Skits)
Macie and Tanner, her boyfriend, who is also in my class this year.

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  1. What fun! I am totally going to share these ideas at my school for next year--I especially love the literary characters idea--Our Literacy Team is going to LOVE it!