Friday, April 22, 2011

A Smile Three Years in the Making

April 21, 2011

Metal and rubber bands--three years' worth--have been working their magic on Bree's teeth for essentially all of her high school years. Thursday was the momentous day where the braces were removed and the bright, beautiful new smile was revealed!
I love Bree's orthodontist (and it's a good thing, too, since we'll be seeing him for several more years with Nicholas and Danielle). They really celebrate the kids, both when they get the braces on and when they finally come off. They post their names in bright neon on the entrance sign, and all the assistants get together and serenade patients on the day they reveal their braceless smiles. They even send them away with a care package full of treats they were supposed to be avoiding the whole time the braces were on--Starbursts, gum, popcorn, and such. (Of course, I'm sure Bree isn't the only one who broke those rules every now and again. Still she appreciated the goody bag!)

Bree's special request after getting the braces off, though, was for something she had been craving for a very long time. First stop after the orthodontist's office? A trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a sticky sweet caramel apple. Yum!

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