Monday, February 27, 2012

Staff Vs. Student Basketball Game

February 27, 2012

The teacher-cheerleaders went old-school style with jerseys and sweatbands. How cool are we? It should be noted, of course, that the teachers won, once again proving that the young pups don't have all the moves. I'm quite sure that the teachers won because of the spirited support of their cheerleaders AKA us. Naturally.

After the game, one of my students who participated in the game told me he wanted to see me take a shot. Mind you, I haven't played basketball in oh, say, thirty years. And I haven't played basketball well in oh, say, never. But goaded into it by my student, I agreed to try. I told him it wouldn't be pretty, and it wasn't. I didn't hit anything close to the net. Or the backboard. Or the pole. He smiled and said to give it one more shot, although I figured the odds were good it would be a repeat of my first performance. I moved up just a bit closer, eyed the target, and let it go. SWISH! Dropped it in beautifully! I high-fived my student and walked away. Believe me, I know how to quit when I'm ahead. Yup--the young pups are not the only ones with the moves.

Nancy, Jen, Kristen, Mo, Tina, Victory, and me.

Victory, me, and Mo

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