Sunday, February 10, 2013

Karaoke, Family Style

February 10 2013

When we were in Las Vegas over Christmas break, we gave thought to trying to find a family-friendly karaoke spot, since we had Lisa and Glenn's girls with us.  Although we didn't end up finding a place there, when we went to Lisa's house for a visit, she had scoped out a local place that does karaoke for the whole family on Sunday nights.  We had dinner there at Pineapple Hill Grill, and at about 7 the karaoke DJ started up.  Apparently this was the first Sunday night family karaoke of the year, so word of mouth hadn't much started up.  For at least the first hour our family had the mics to ourselves, with our DJ Miguel and the bartender jumping in every now and then.  Although the food was pretty mediocre, the DJ was very cool and the atmosphere was nice.  I was really impressed that both Devin and Bailey jumped right in, doing a great job of performing for the family.  Of course, Doug and Lisa were great, as always, and I even jumped in with a few songs.  We decided to close out the night with a whole family rendition of "Summer Nights."  It was a lot of fun, and we'll very likely return again in the future.

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