Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting the Lame Days Out of the Way Early in 2015, Apparently

January 5, 2015

I went back to work today, after a lovely Christmas and New Year's break.  The kids didn't have school, but I had an inservice to attend at the district office right up the road from my house.  I walked out of the house with my computer bag slung over my shoulder.  Somewhere in my brain I was thinking it was my purse--you know, the place where I keep my car keys and house keys--which I realized when I got to my locked car and couldn't get in.  And then couldn't get back into my house to get the keys, because I had locked the front door.  Grrr!

Doug also went back to work today.  He was already at his site about an hour away.  And wouldn't you know it, Nicholas and Danielle (who were both at their dad's house this morning) have both misplaced their house keys.  As I said, the district office is only a couple of blocks away, so I decided my best bet was to hoof it there and rely on one of my friends to get me to lunch and back home at the end of the day, where I figured I'd just wait it out til Doug got home.

I called my good friend Mo, who was also on her way to the inservice, and she was able to swing by and pick me up so I didn't have to walk all the way.  Later when I texted Doug to let him know how my day had started, he was able to go on a work errand that brought him back to Clovis and he was able to stop by the house and bring me my purse and keys.  He's awesome!

Even though it all worked out and it wasn't a huge inconvenience, it was a harbinger of the lameness that followed me through the rest of the day:  I knocked things over, I tripped, I dropped things--all day long.  I have no explanation for this.  I mean, I'm no paragon of grace, but I'm not generally this ridiculously klutzy.  I'm hoping I just sort of concentrated all that nonsense into one day so that the next several will be awesome.

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