Saturday, September 12, 2015

You Would Think It Would Not Be That Hard to Find a Bedframe

September 12, 2015

Do people in San Diego all already have beds? Or do folks there just not sleep in beds?  I mean, in Fresno, you can't seem to go around a corner without finding a couple of furniture stores.  It's probably the biggest industry in the city.  In San Diego, however, furniture stores were few and far between.  Since there's not a lot of competition, apparently they think it's perfectly appropriate to make you sign away your first-born in order to take one of those bad boys home from the store, too.  (Perhaps only the very wealthy are supposed to have beds in San Diego?) Not even Target, The-Store-That-Magically-Has-Everything-Ever, could produce a bed frame for the mattress we carted down for Bree. Luckily, we finally turned to the always potentially sketchy Craig's List and found a nice couple who was trying to get rid of their trundle bed.  They sold it for next to nothing, even though it was in great condition.  I suspect some rich curmudgeon discovered they had it and called them on it.  Who did they think they were, owning not just one bed, but one that actually turned into two beds?

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