Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sadie's 2015

September 26, 2015

Today was Teamsters' Day at the Battle of the Bay: San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A's in Oakland.  Doug's union hall offered a little day trip to its stewards and their wives, so we were up bright and early to catch the chartered bus they provided for us.  Once there, we attended a fantastic barbque put on by the Teamsters (my very first proper tailgate!) before heading into the ballpark.  We had seats directly in the sun--a drawback, to be sure--but had the opportunity to see a rookie Giant hit a pretty impressive Grand Slam that all but sealed the deal for an eventual Giants win.  This was Doug's first major league baseball game, so it was pretty cool to get to see that live.

The only tough part of being gone all day was the realization I had a few days before that we would be gone on the day of the Sadie's dance.  Nicholas got to go even though he's a graduate, since Treasa is still at Buchanan, and Danielle asked her good friend Nathan to go with her--her first high school dance.  I told Nicholas, Treasa, and Danielle that since I was going to be gone and wouldn't be there to take my traditional 'before the dance' pictures, they had to make sure to send me pictures via text.  Treasa's dad did the photography duties at her house, since Treasa's mom was also at another event.  It was a blurry shot, but I'm glad they sent it anyway.  I'm not even sure who shot Danielle's picture, but I think it's pretty cute too.  It's Danielle, Megan, Nathan, and Megan's date Garrett.  I checked in with both the kids at the end of the night once they got back safely to their dad's house, and they all said they had a great evening!

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