Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!

The last one was a bit of a downer, so this one is all about the good.

Five things that make me happy today:

1. It's Friday! I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend with my family.

2. It's my choice for family dinner tonight. I'm thinking about maybe Sweet Tomatoes, but that could change in the next six or seven hours.

3. Danielle has a softball game tomorrow, and odds are that it will be much more pleasant weather than the windy Wednesday game.

4. The guys at Doug's work have figured out who hit his truck, so their insurance will handle it. No deductible for us!

5. I got to chat with my friend Allison today, who came in to see what kind of classes she'll be teaching when she comes back next year.


  1. Sounds like a great start to the weekend- hope it went well!

  2. Thanks, Bobbie Leigh--we did have a great weekend. Here's looking forward to a wonderful week to come for both of us!

  3. Hey, I really like your blog! How did you find me? (I'm glad you did :)