Thursday, April 2, 2009


Here's a headline that caught my eye from today's news: "Surgeons Save Man Who Accidentally Swallowed Scissors." Really? I've done a lot of accidental things over the course of my 41 years, but nothing that even remotely approaches inadvertently ingesting large sharp objects. How does one get into such a situation where swallowing scissors is a potential outcome? Good thing he wasn't running, too. That could have been really bad.


  1. this goes to show ya, don't run or laugh with scissors... in your mouth

  2. You'd think you wouldn't need to warn people against that, but for some people, I guess, directions need to be so specific! I suppose that's why hair dryers often come with labels that read, "Don't use while in the shower." It makes me wonder who the person was that made such a label necessary.