Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lovely Sound of Running Water

May 5, 2009

Last night, just before bed, Doug headed into the kitchen to begin making his lunch for the next day. I heard him yell, and something in the urgency of his voice made me jump up and run in there. What did I see? Water running from under the sink, out onto the floor, and soaking into the nearby carpet. Inexplicably, and without warning, some piece of the hoses or brackets or pipes gave up its last gasp and exploded. It was like something out of a cartoon: both of us just stood there for a few minutes, a little bit in shock, staring at the pipes and trying to figure out the origin of the leak, as Niagra falls continued to pour out onto my kitchen floor. (If it wasn't so comical-looking, it might have made me cry. I hate it when stuff like that happens!) Once we shook ourselves back to reality, I started yanking all the junk we have under the cupboards out onto the dry part of the kitchen floor, and Doug fiddled with the under-the-sink faucets until we were able to cut off the water supply.

Being now just a little after midnight, we did what anyone would. (By anyone, I mean probably just us.) We were both exhausted, so we decided we'd bury out heads in the sand, since the immediate problem had been solved. We went to bed. So today, after my after school parent meeting (with a senior student who has decided it's a good idea to stop turning in ANYTHING) and before the PTC Board Meeting tonight (Board election meeting tonight--mandatory attendance), I'll have to pick up the water-logged towels and wash them, Doug and I will have to figure out what part needs to be replaced, and I'll have to restock the cupboards with all the wet cleaning products I yanked out onto the kitchen floor. Jeez, you'd think today was Monday!


  1. Seems like those types of "events" happen in the middle of the night. Do you need to call a plumber?

  2. Yikes!

    I'm sorry that happened.

    I would have gone to sleep too.

  3. I can't even express to you how much I hate stuff breaking; especially plumbing or electrically related. Which pretty much means anything. So inconvenient for life to do that to us.

    Have I mentioned that I wish all teachers at our HS were just like you. So dedicated!

  4. What an awful surprise.

    Hope the clean up goes well.

    (We once had a night which we refer to as "the night of exploding toliets" if it makes you see any better. I should have bought stock in bleach.)

  5. Yikes! Hope you're having a less soggy day today.

  6. OH man that's rough. We had a water pipe break a couple of months ago and it's a mess. Egad.
    I hope your week is improving!

  7. To all--things are looking up, an we survived the flood (at least temporarily!) We are keeping our fingers crossed that we have, in fact, managed the problem.

    And mama-face, your comment alone was enough to brighten my day despite the flood. Thank you so much!!


  8. Yikes! That's a tough one! I'm just glad you had the know-how to make it stop. My home would've ended up flooded!

    I'm glad this only ended badly and not catastrophically!