Friday, May 8, 2009

Muffins with Moms

May 8, 2009

Happy Friday! This morning, the kids' elementary school celebrated 'Mornings with Moms' in honor of the upcoming Mother's Day. It used to be called 'Muffins with Moms,' up until last year, but a guess a few of the moms decided they couldn't participate because the muffins they served weren't healthy or diet-friendly or whatever, so now they offer a bigger variety, so those who are trying to maintain their size 2 shapes can still find something to eat.

You might have guessed, I am not one of the size 2 moms. (Honestly, I wasn't a size 2 before I was a mom, let alone after three kids.) Bring on the muffins! They also have grapes, bagels, apples, yogurt, bananas--you know....good stuff. Healthy stuff. But I'll stick with the muffins, thank you. I don't eat breakfast usually, so when there's an ocassion to have it, I might as well live it up. I only feel a tiny twinge of guilt when I see all those others mothers picking at their three grapes, but then I get over it.

Mornings with Moms (aka Muffins with Moms) is not about the breakfast anyway. Even if they served pancakes with syrup and soft-boiled eggs (two of my absolute least favorite foods in the world), I'd still show up. And I wouldn't complain to the great folks at the PTC (Parent-Teacher Club) who provided us with the breakfast, either. I'd just show up with my kids, enjoy the extra Friday morning time with them, have a leisurely chat with them (which, I assure you, does not happen on a regular basis when we are trying to rush out the door on time in the mornings), and enjoy the pleasant start to my day. That's what it's all about; hanging out with my kids. I got all my sustenence from the extra hugs and kisses I got this morning, not from the muffin. Though I must admit, the muffin was good.


  1. We always get dry, day old tasting muffins. I know that's not what it's really about... but the kids are disappointed if you don't eat one and if I'm gonna eat the calories I want it to be worth it :)

    I'm glad you had a good morning!

  2. Glad you had a good time.

    Love the photos.

  3. Those are fantastic pictures of you and the kids! Happy Mothers Day!!

  4. What a nice event!
    I admit I miss the donuts at these school functions...