Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheesy Fake Goofy-Faced Smile: A Visual Aide

In case you were wondering what Danielle's cheesy fake goofy-faced smile looks like, I thought I'd post the Before and After pictures: )


  1. I can make one eye twitch at will which I used to do to make my mother crazy. She'd say "What's wrong with your eye?" and I'd say "What are you talking about?" and then she'd be looking up Opthamologists to take me to until I confessed I could do it at will.

    Maybe that's why one eye of mine is always kind of squinty looking in photos!

  2. She looks like her mama :o)

  3. Too funny! It's so hard to get a natural looking pose from kids (although that second one is nice!)...
    I love the story in your last post :)

  4. Kids are such goofballs...tough to get them to smile on cue for the camera. Thank heavens for the advent of the digital camera.