Monday, June 15, 2009

My Birthday

June 15, 2009

Yesterday was Flag Day. As it turns out, it was also my 42nd birthday.

When I was a kid, I had no idea there was such a thing as Flag Day. I did, however, live on a street that seemed particularly patriotic. Every June 14th, every house on our street proudly displayed the American Flag to commemorate the day. I remember when I was five or so, I noted all the flags flying on up and down our block, and I asked my mother why they were all there. My mom said to me, "Donna, they are all flying their flags because it's your birthday. They all know you and love you, and they wanted to help you celebrate." Well, I thought that was just fabulous. I was ecstatic that everyone had remembered my birthday! For many years, I believed in all earnestness that the flags flown on the 14th were in honor of me. Funny, it never occurred to me that none of our very kind neighbors displayed their flags to celebrate any of my four siblings' birthdays. I really felt special.

Yesterday--my 42nd Flag Day--I also felt very special. No one flew flags in my honor, but I got to spend my day with my very favorite people: my husband and my three wonderful kids. There was no big fanfare, but it couldn't have been better. I got some flowers to decorate my table, and my kids all pooled their money and took us out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants (Yukon Jack's). Our meal was delicious, and the staff was, as always, more than accommodating. Afterward, we strolled in downtown Clovis, window shopping and enjoying the unseasonably mild weather. The best part of the day? Walking hand-in-hand with my youngest, watching my oldest and my hubby strolling together, and getting the surprise bear hugs every now and again from my son. What could be better?


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Flag Day is my birthday, too. Those private family celebrations are the best. I'm glad you had a great time!

  2. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. What a blessing ;)

  3. Happy Birthday.

    Oh to be 42 again!
    I'll be 47 in August.

    SEND HELP NOW! ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Happy Birthday and it's obvious that you received the best gift of all...quality time with your family!