Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, They Crack Me Up!

June 17, 2009

After dinner this evening, we took a stroll to our neighborhood Baskin Robbins. While the five of us giggled and laughed and ate our ice cream, I pulled out my camera phone, since that's what I do. I pointed the camera at Danielle, who like most ten-year-olds, has mastered the art of the cheesy fake goofy-faced smile whenever mom-p0pparazi strikes. So as not to have yet another set of this particular expression, I offered her some advice: "Danielle, everytime you make that face, you shrink your head back towards your neck, and you end up with three chins and a crazed look in your eyes. Try pushing your chin forward just a little bit instead."

Danielle, in all seriousness, gingerly put her hand up to feel the lower portion of her face. "Three chins? I feel like I only have two!" Nicholas, matching her serious tone, said, "Well, that's not such a good thing, either!" The rest of us dissolved into laughter....


  1. Well, where's the photo?! And, yes, your kids have a great sense of humor!