Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sept. 22, 2009

If last week is any indication, we are truly back in the swing of things, as far as school activities for the kids.

Brianna went to club sign-ups last week, where she signed up for several different clubs. Like she doesn't have enough going on with all of her AP classes and choir and youth groups. The organizations she signed up for were: Key Club, Jr. Larcs, the Improv club, CSF, Student to Student (bringing awareness about the Invisible Children), Cooking Club, and Link Crew. She's also involved with Project Hope, which is an on-campus group which pulls together kids from all leadership roles on campus in order to help promote positive self-esteem in teens. The really great thing about this kid is that is seems no matter how many things she gets involved in, she stays on top of her grades and all of her schoolwork. She's definitely got a good sense of balance and prioritizing.

Nicholas is really doing amazingly well in his adjustment to junior high. Although not initially thrilled to find he'd been put into journalism class as an elective, he's beginning to be excited about the prospect of seeing his name in print. He also found his way to the Star Wars Club, the Chess Club, and Robotics. (Good thing he's not into girls just yet; these are not the kinds of activities that attract the attentions of lovely young ladies.) Honestly, the fact that his principal is the club advisor for the Star Wars Club is one of the things that got him most excited about starting junior high. It's been an incredibly motivating and positive thing for him so far this year

Danielle has already had several soccer practices and two games. (They didn't go well. It's not whether you win or lose, right? Still, the team gets points for a cool name--they are the Queen Cobras.) She's also joined choir for the first time this year, and is looking forward to being involved with drama, Chess Club, and softball. Having been in drama last year really brought her out of her shell a bit, and she's really blossoming. As a matter of fact, she just told me a couple of days ago that she'd love to try out to be her school's mascot next year, which I find awfully cool.

What does this mean for me? Lots of taxi mom time, lots of practices and games and concerts and meetings. Investments in the form time, money, and Teddy Grahams and gatorade. Lots of pictures--lots and lots of pictures. Lots of memories. Lots of joy in supporting my healthy, happy, involved kids.

Things are good...


  1. There's a Star Wars club???

    Sounds like all the kids are doing great!

  2. I want to join the Star Wars club! Um, and I'm kind of exhausted just reading about all the stuff your kids are doing - never mind thinking about you driving them all over the place! Way to go for all of you!

  3. Your school has the most wonderful clubs! My eldest just started middle school and they don't have nearly the number of opportunities!

  4. Star Wars club? I'm in. Wow, Brianna looks like your clone.

  5. Those clubs sounds awesome! We didn't have stuff like that til I was almost out of school.

    My husband runs the Link Crew for his school. He's actually at a conference in toronto today for it.

  6. Three kids!!! Wow They are all busy. We should compare how many miles that we chauffeur in a week. Just crazy ...

    but great to be busy for wonderful children.