Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank Goodess it's Over

September 19, 2009

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Why is it that even after 19 years Back to School Night still gives me butterflies? There is a world of difference between teaching classes of adolescents and speaking to large groups of adults. Normally I avoid public speaking at all costs--literally makes me sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out how to avoid having to do my annual rapid-fire five-speeches-in-a-night gig. I'm not sure what I think these parents are going to do--I've never had anyone attack me or heckle. Everyone is always sincere, mostly pleasant, and interested in knowing how to help their kids succeed. Nothing wrong with that. Parents often come to me afterward and let me know that their kids are enjoying being in my class. Still, Back to School Night freaks me out, and I am glad it's over.


  1. I am with you with the public speaking jitters...
    Doea that ever go away?

    Peace - Rene

  2. Awwww! I hate public speaking as well. I'm glad it's all over and you got through it without harm, as usual. I'm sure you did great! ;-)

  3. You made it through and that's what counts! I'm sure you did great!

  4. I always turn bright, beet red when I start speaking and my voice is all wavery. I'm okay after 5 mins or so, but it's always a horrific start. I'm glad you survived :)

  5. Amen!! I am glad to get on with teaching now. I was wondering how I was finally able to catch up on my blogging!!! I forgot about all the open houses. It was just nuts.