Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Birthday Boy

December 18, 2009

You know, sometimes, the most simple of celebrations can be the most pleasing. Last Sunday, Doug celebrated his 41st birthday. The kids were at their dad's house, so we picked them up in the afternoon for a little while, so that they could spend part of his birthday with him. We picked them up around 4 and went out to Heart Village, and local frozen yogurt shop we all like. We were the only ones there when we walked in, toting our presents along with us. As we ate our yogurt, Doug unwrapped his gifts from the kids and me--simple stuff, but gifts that the kids had clearly put time into thinking about. Danielle hand-made him an ornament and a bookmark, and both Bree and Nicholas found something that they were really excited to share with him--headphones and some utensils for the kitchen. (Both music and cooking are important to Doug.) I got him a big warm fuzzy robe, perfect for this time of year.

The best part about it all wasn't the presents, though. It was just being together, everyone in a silly, fun mood, laughing and giggling. The kids loved that Doug put on his new bathrobe in the middle of the shop and proceeded to eat his yogurt as if he were at home at the kitchen table, surrounded by his family. Not a bad way to spend a birthday, if you ask me.

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