Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Slugger #76

March 9, 2010

Last week, Danielle had her first softball game for her elementary school. When she the kids started practices a few weeks ago, I was surprised when she came home and said, "Guess what, Mom? I'm gonna be the catcher!"

Seriously? The catcher? Did she know that that would mean people were going to be throwing balls at her FACE? Yeah, yeah, I know they've got head gear on, but still. "That's great, sweetie. Are you liking it? Did you ask to play catcher, or did the coach just ask you to play that position?"

She assured me it was her choice. "I'm good at catching, Mom, but I'm not so good at throwing from the outfield. So I like it. I also get to play first base when the second catcher wants to go in." Huh. First base. That's where most of the action is for young teams without a lot of experience--not a lot of triples going on with the team. She's not the A team, by the way; most of the sixth graders and powerhouse hitting fifth graders are there, so our girls are a little younger, a little greener, and hit a little shorter. Or a lot shorter. Play's at first.

I never would have pegged her for those positions, but if that's what she wants to be then I'm excited for her to be able to play there. (Not that I won't be cringing when some Amazon ringer sixth-grader from the opposing team fires a missile at the head of my little princess.)

When Bree played her one year of softball, I never got to see one game. Not one! I go to great lengths to be a presence at all of my kids' activities and events, because I want them to know I support them and am proud of them. The games for elementary schools, though, all happen on Friday afternoons before the high school lets out for the day. During the year Bree played, I happened to have an AP Lit class on Friday afternoons, and I simply could not sneak away or have someone cover my classes. This year, however, I have a regular senior class with a student teacher, and a very good friend in the next door classroom who doesn't mind supervising so that I can get away fifteen minutes before the end of school on the days Danielle has home games. (When I told Bree not to get her feelings hurt because I would be able to see Danielle play sometimes--the circumstances were just a little different now--she just looked at me blankly and deadpanned, "It's okay, Mom. I know you love her more." Where did that kid get her sarcastic sense of humor?)

So last Friday was Danielle's first game, and although I missed the first inning, I got there with plenty of game left to watch. I arrived in time to see her get swallowed whole by all the catcher's gear before heading out to the field. She was beaming. It's possible that Danielle's mom was the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines, but she's played soccer for several years, too, so I'm sure she expected nothing less. By the end of the game, the girls had emerged victorious, 6-0.

To cap off Danielle's first game, we found out Monday morning that she had been named Player of the Week. She got her name read over the morning announcements and got an award to bring home. She also got a gift certificate to Baskin-Robbins, which was really the highlight of it all for her, naturally. It looks like her Garfield softball career is off to a great start!

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  1. Oh - sounds like fun.

    I just hope these girls don't throw any bats by accident. Catcher also scared me a little.