Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remembering Gary

March 24, 2010
On the day that would have been my older brother Gary's 45th birthday, things that remind me of him:

--The Carpenters (we used to sing together when we were kids)--The Cincinnati Reds (Gary's team of choice when he first started collecting baseball cards)

--Polo cologne (Way too much of it!)

--McLane High School (His Alma Mater, of course)--Sinbad the Comedian (His mannerisms and sense of humor have always reminded me of Gary)

--"My Adidas" by Run DMC (Gary always used to do the baby step walk from the video whenever he wore his beloved Adidas)
--Little tiny baby socks (When Bree was a tiny baby, any time he saw her he always stole one of her socks and put it up on the ceiling fan blade where he knew I couldn't reach it. It was his little calling card.)

---Coca-cola (He was as addicted to that as I am to Diet Pepsi.)

--'Rack 'em, Loser' (He inherited this phrase from my dad, who used to say it whenever he won a game of pool.)

--Tiffany and Anthony (You never saw a dad prouder of his two babies.)

These and a hundred other little things always make me think of him, on his birthday or any other day.

Happy birthday Gary (Gae-Ray, Gee, GeRM)

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  1. Oh, Donna. I'm so sorry for your loss of Gary. For you and all your family. Thanks for allowing us to know a bit of him.