Friday, July 6, 2012

AP Scores!

July 6, 2012

This past year I had some genuinely impressive students in my class--highly intellectual and articulate.  I was chagrined, then, to find that near the end of the year, a handful of my students came to me and said they were not going to take the test.  Some of their colleges of choice would not offer them additional college credit for passing the AP Literature test if they had already passed the AP Comp. test with a score of 5, and they didn't see the point in paying to take a test that was of no benefit to them.  Hard to argue with that logic.  Of course, the kids who had scored a 5 on the Comp. test were also likely to have done very well on the Lit. test as well.  Since I am assessed by my pass rate each year, having five kids who were sure to pass the test drop out at the last minute, I was quite concerned about what that would do to my pass rate.

I needn't have worried. We just got our results in the mail, and I'm thrilled! National pass rate tends to hover between 53-56%.  Typically, the pass rate for students in my class is between 70-74%.  This year, however, my kids managed a pass rate of 95%, even without some of the kids who were 'sure bets.'  I'm so proud of my kids, and I'm proud of myself as well!

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