Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hangin' With the Mayes Boys

July 3, 2012

Nicholas is 15 this year, and for the first time, he got to take a solo vacation to visit his male cousins in Washington.  It was a pretty big deal for him, since he usually spends summers surrounded by his sisters and his three girl cousins. He loves his sisters and Aunt Lisa and the girls of course, but I don't blame him for wanting to spend some time where there's a little more testosterone in the house.  Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie were great hosts, and Nicholas couldn't have had more fun on his visit.  Nicholas got to play lots of video games with Matthew and Micah, and got to know his baby cousin Nathan.  In addition to video games, the boys also played frisbee, picked cherries, went up to their cabin, had a bonfire, and road ATVs, among other things.  Scott and Julie also said that Nicholas was a polite and respectful house guest, which I was happy to hear--not that I thought he wouldn't be!  Long before it was time for the visit to end, Matthew, Micah, and Nicholas already had plans for a repeat visit next year.

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