Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bree's First Apartment

August 25, 2012

Although I wasn't able to be with Bree on the day she moved in, I was able to take a little trip down south just a few days later for the weekend.  Bree and her roommates were largely settled in, but there were some things they thought they still needed to make their house a home:  some cooking utensils, an ironing board, a broom, some groceries.  She and I made the trip to the local Target (where is the newest employee) to stock up.  When we came back to the apartment, her roommates and I helped her unpack and put away everything.  I think I handled everything well, this being not much different from helping her move into the dorms last year.  And yet, I will say there was a brief moment, quickly pushed back into the subconscious, when I saw the girls sitting at the dining room table and it occurred to me that one day--perhaps not very long from now--there would be holidays spent at her own home, in her own kitchen, with her own family.  The future is not so far away as I would like to believe.

 Bree with two of her roommates, Anna and Jessica.

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