Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, Monday

August 27, 20012

Monday schedules wipe me out.  Those are the days we see every class, every student.  When I was in high school, and when I started teaching, every day was a 'Monday' schedule.  I can't imagine going back to that again.  However, there's a good chance, with all the changes coming down the pike, that we may revert back to the old way of doing things.  But oh, those other days, our two hour block days--the days when we can relax into the class and the conversation, when we are afforded the opportunity to speak to each and every one of our 41 kids in a class--those are the days when meaningful interaction takes place.  Those two hour classes allow me to connect with and get to know my students because I'm not always running a million miles an hour, trying to take roll, make announcements, pass out papers, collect papers, lecture, conduct informal verbal assessments and formal written assessments, direct discussions, play psychologist for those who need it, field phone calls, and of course, do my best to 'entertain' and be engaging.

Naturally, I do still have to do all of those things on two hour block days, but I've got two hours at a time in which to do it, rather than in 50 minute stretches times seven.  Going on a long jog is so much more relaxing and productive than several sprints in quick succession.

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