Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

August 23. 2012

 The time has come.  This morning, Austin got on a plane with his mom to start his new life in New York.  Austin has been like a brother to Brianna and has been my 'extra son' since they were in the second grade together.  This brilliant young man was given the opportunity to go study in Albany at a college which offers a major in nano-technology, his field of choice.  I'm thrilled for him, but also a little nervous.  Clear across the country, so far away from his family....I'm thankful that we have Facebook and Skype to make those miles seem less like a chasm.  Of course, he'll not be alone long--he's such a kind-hearted and friendly guy that he'll have a new 'adopted' family on the East Coast in no time, I'm sure of it. 

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