Thursday, January 24, 2013


January 24. 2013

Long before Katness Everdeen made her mark on the literary world or stood up on screen to volunteer as tribute, Danielle has been asking us to sign her up for archery lessons.  I'm not really sure where the interest initially came from, but Danielle is nothing if not persistent.  Once she gets ahold of an idea, she wants to see it through.  However, when she first asked five or six years ago, I was quite reluctant.  I wasn't convinced that with the impulsivity number two and kid number three sometimes exhibited that I might suddenly find myself with one of them in the emergency room watching a doctor extricate an arrow from one of my kids' bodies. Not that I thought anyone would intentionally shoot an arrow through their sibling; they just weren't always well-known for attention to detail and watching their surroundings when they were younger. 

So now we're several years past her initial request, and it hasn't dimmed for her at all.  In the meantime, both of the kids have matured and grown up, so I'm not quite so fearful of accidental 'spearings'.  We decided this Christmas would be the perfect time to get Danielle the gift of lessons.  We got her a gift certificate to Impact Archery, which is run by a professional archer.  He apparently has trained and taught several actors to shoot for various movies.  He's a little gruff--a 'man's man', I suppose, but he clearly knows his sport.

Doug took Danielle for her first lesson today, and she absolutely loved it.  Within minutes she had settled into a rhythm and stance, and Doug even overheard another patron say she looked like a real natural.  He got a few pictures of her as she was shooting, and for a first time out, her aim was pretty impressive.  She's very excited to continue on with her lessons.  If she really takes to it, we'll soon get her her own bow and arrows and set up an archery lane in the back yard.

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