Sunday, January 13, 2013

Well, This Came for Me a Little Earlier Than Expected

January 13, 2013

As I am slowly but surely making my recovery from knee surgery, I am reminded almost by the minute of how much I am NOT yet my former self.  A week and a half  post-surgery, and I'm still hobbling about painfully on crutches.  However, I am making progress for sure.  When Doug and I decided to hit the grocery store (late at night, on a Sunday, so as to avoid crowds), I felt fairly certain I was up to the task.  I had bought quite a lot of groceries in advance of my surgery, making sure the pantry was very well stocked, but we still needed a few items that I hadn't covered.  (More milk, for one.  My goodness, the boys in our household--Doug included--make milk disappear like magic!)

Anyway, we got out of the car and headed toward the front of the store.  Barely inside, I realized how daunting the thought was of me making my way down all the aisles to collect the things we needed.  I was already tired.  The cashier nearest the door happened to see us as we made our way inside and offered up this:

My first thought was, "No way! Those are for people who really need them."  And then I thought, "Hey-right now, I AM one of those people." I was at once grateful and embarrassed, but I climbed aboard and took off.  The cashier even said that if their other one wasn't being repaired, Doug and I could have a race to see who was faster.  Now THAT would have been fun!  I felt silly driving my little cart around the grocery store, but let me tell you, it was fun, too.  I'm just glad that my condition is a temporary one.  Perhaps later, in my Golden Years, when my body chooses to betray me in a somewhat more permanent way, I'll be happy to have a little cart of my own to amble about in.  And by that time, if Doug is in need of one too, I'll be happy to show him who would have won that race if Vons had both of their carts ready for action. 

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