Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Formal, Sophomore Year

January 12, 2013

Nicholas asked Natalie Gonzales to accompany him to the Winter Formal this year.  She had a previous commitment for dinner, but she was able to meet up with him at the dance.  Normally I have Winter Formal dance duty, but because of my knee surgery I had to bow out.  In addition, we had to have Danielle at her soccer game at the same time Nicholas was getting dressed for formal, so I never even got to see him all dressed up, nor did I get to see his date!  I had to rely on a few photos from his dad and from my good friend Allison, who was chaperoning.

Nicholas didn't seem too disappointed that he didn't get to take Natalie to dinner.  I think he just focused on having a good time at the dance.  He said they both had a great time!

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