Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good News, Bad News

October 14, 2009

The good news? A much needed, long-awaited first storm of the season here in the valley that depends so heavily on rain.

Bonus? Sparkly clean car, daughters who are giddy with the thought of splashing in the puddles in their rain boots (yup, even the sixteen year old), and a son who grins like a Cheshire Cat because he got to walk to school in the rain--no umbrella, soakin' in the glory of Mother Nature. (To be fair, he had an umbrella; he just loves the feeling of the rain on his skin.)

The bad news? The downpour made it unmistakable that the need for a new roof, one we certainly cannot afford at this time, is imminent. The rainstorm announced itself inside last night, in the form of a leaky ceiling in the girls' room. This is not good.


  1. House repairs suck, but they're necessary. I remember my Mom telling me about growing up and that there were holes in the roof, left without repair because her mother "had problems", to say the least.

    Perhaps there's a temporary fix you can find on the interwebs, as my daughter says - that is, besides buckets!

  2. Sorry about your roof...I've rented places with leaks, and the landlords got by with minor repairs. Hope it isn't too bad.