Saturday, October 3, 2009

Queen Bees

October 3, 2009

It looks like Danielle's soccer team, the Queen Cobras, is in for a character-building season. During the seeding tournament a couple of weeks ago, the team didn't score a single goal. Today's game, the first in league play, saw them hold on to that trend. It's not for lack of trying--these girls ran and played hard. They've still got a lot to learn about passing and playing position, and most importantly, shooting a goal towards the space where the goalie IS NOT. Nevertheless, we definitely saw some improvements in the way the girls worked together this week, and hopefully they can build on that as practices progress this week.

The opposing team did not suffer the same tactical errors our girls did. Danielle ended up playing goalie both halves this game, because her trade-off counterpart wasn't feeling well. She let four goals fly by her, but again, not for lack of trying. Two of those goals were regular, in-play shots, one of which hit high in the corner of the goal. The girl couldn't have stopped it to save her life--it arched three feet over her head and dropped into the net. Another shot she dove for, but missed.

The last two were penalty kicks. Mano-a-mano, a girl with a power kick aimed at a wide open goal, Danielle the only thing between her and a score. Let me tell ya, those penalty kicks are almost as hard for me to watch as they are for her to defend! To her credit, she didn't get discouraged at all--just got right back up to do her job again. She had some good stops, too; if she hadn't, the score would have been even more lopsided.

I really like her coach this year. He does a great job of trying to give the girls strategy, building teamwork, providing constructive criticism, and really encouraging them. He tells them what they need to do better, but he is liberal with his praise of what the girls are doing well. He wants the girls to learn and have fun, and feel good about themselves even when they don't win. Isn't that what all of us parents want for our kids? So far, so good!


  1. The right coach can make all the difference.
    They look like they're having fun, anyway! Love the faces in the first team picture.

  2. Sounds like the coach is doing all the right things! (Not that I ever played an organized sport in my life - but still, he sounds great!)

    And yay! for the kids for keeping it about fun as well!