Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Week!

October 12, 2009
This past week went by in a bit of a whirlwind, as they sometimes can during soccer season.

Monday: Soccer practice for Danielle, Robotics practice for Nicholas. (Luckily for me, their dad handles taxi service on Mondays.) Good thing, too, because I had to finish grading papers and finalize six-week grades to turn in on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Our 'down' time. Catch up on homework, chill, enjoy some uninterrupted family time.

Wednesday: Soccer practice for Danielle, Robotics practice for Nicholas. My night for taxi service.

When I went to pick up Danielle from her practice (on a field where there are, roughly, a MILLION kids kicking around soccer balls, not to mention the high school marching band members doing their thing), I noticed for the second time a small group of people setting off rockets. Yes, rockets. Fire-propelled ones. The little group was on the field about 20 feet away from soccer kids and the line up of mini-vans awaiting their arrivals, and about 30 feet away from the marching band.

I remember thinking it odd the first time I saw them during the previous week's pick up, but this week, as I was headed back to the van with my daughter, one of the rockets ascended with a bang several yards up into the air, and came thudding back down onto the hood of my van. I was in plain sight, and CLEARLY the owner of the vehicle, but rather than acknowledging what they had done, the threesome ran over, scooped up their rocket, gave a cursory glance to the car, and scurried back to their task at hand. I got to the car and found a green streak down the hood of the car (caused by the green plastic casing of the rocket), and a small mark (not permanent) on my windshield. More than anything, I was irritated that they hadn't at least said something to me, so I went over to them and asked what they had hit my car with. The ADULT of the three (the other two appeared to be high school students) simply looked up at me and condescendingly said, "It was just one of these. No big deal--they're totally light. I'm sure it probably didn't do anything to your car."

I said, when something--even something light--falls from the sky and lands, it can cause damage."

"Yeah, well, I looked, and didn't see anything, so...." he turned and went back to his business of the rockets. I was dismissed.

I was beyond annoyed at the arrogance and poor example this guy displayed. How far a simple, "I'm sorry" would have gone in that instance. I was muttering under my breath on the way back to the van, but not feeling terribly confrontational (because I'm like that) when my daughter said, "Those guys are always out there during soccer practice. Earlier tonight, before you got here, one of the rockets landed on the goalie post on our field." WHAT??? Those things are landing that close to our KIDS?? Oh, I don't think so! I turned to look for them again, but they had packed it in and taken off, perhaps worried that I might cause them some trouble. Oh I WILL be confrontational if it comes to my kids. Since they were gone, though, I had to settle for the next best thing, which was to let the school authorities know what was going on, so that they could come send them on their merry way next time.

Thursday: Early Family Dinner Night (Nicholas' choice--Arby's). We did Thursday out this week instead of Friday because of Friday's Homecoming Game. Robotics practice for Nicholas. Drop Bree off at the theater to see a play in which her best friend played the lead.

Friday: Birthday party for Danielle's friend. Manly movie bonding night for Doug and Nicholas. Homecoming Parade for Bree and me. I walked with the Cycling Club, for which I am an advisor, and Bree attempted to walk with about seven (!) different clubs she's involved with this year. I didn't stay for the whole game, because I had to leave early to pick up Danielle from the birthday party. She and I went home and picked up Doug and Nicholas and we went out for some ice cream. Meanwhile, Bree stayed at the game (we won!), and then went to the Homecoming Dance. When I picked her up, we had a nice long girly chat--it was a pretty special dance for her, and one I think she'll remember for a very long time. I was pretty excited to be in on all the girly recap: )

Saturday: Bree and her friend, who had spent the night after the game, got up bright and early to do some volunteer work with The Key Club. Turns out, that volunteer work entailed moving and cleaning dusty old canoes and cutting yards and yards of chicken wire at some sort of camp. These are not tasks my little darlin' is accustomed to, but she hung in there like a trooper. She's even got the chicken-wire leg scratches as badges of honor for her work.

Danielle also had a soccer game. It was supposed to be an eight o'clock game, but through some miracle, a schedule change was necessitated, and we didn't have to be out there until ten. Not surprisingly, Danielle's team didn't get significantly stronger during the course of a single week, so the game was yet another blow-out. We were working with substitute coaches this week--our coach was out of town, so the coaches of the A and B teams offered to cover for him. Several times throughout the game, the coaches exchanged glances that indicated that they had not known they would be coaching the Bad News Bears Saturday. They did their best and kept a great attitude, but we were clearly out-played at every turn. Danielle played defender first half, but second half was her turn in the goalie box. When your team is playing a defensive game, your goalie works HARD, because the ball rarely leaves that half of the field. After the first two goals got by her, I thought Danielle might give up, be defeated--but no! Suddenly, a switch went on in that little girl, and she was all over the ball. She dove, she rolled, she took the hits--she was not letting that ball go through. All of the girls played their hearts out, but I'm telling you, I was so proud of the way Danielle dug in and stood her ground in that goalie box. After the game was over, we let her choose somewhere to go for a celebratory lunch.

Later that night, after the kids had gone to their dad's for the evening, Doug and I went out to meet up with some friends to sing karaoke. Not only did we get to hang out with Jim, our dearest buddy, but we also met up with several other friends. It was a great, relaxing evening that lasted well past midnight.

Sunday: Are you kidding me? We SLEPT! Late. It was a total jammie day for us. I think we deserved it: )

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