Thursday, April 15, 2010

Because I've Got So Many Brain Cells To Kill

April 15, 2010

GLEE is back! I love that show, and I've been one of the many who has anxiously awaited its return. Some of the reasons I love GLEE? Lea Michelle has a fabulous voice, the character Brittany cracks me up ("Sometimes, I forget my middle name..."), Chris Colfer is from our home town, the dialogue is quick and witty, especially between Shu and Sue, and the muscial power numbers are fantastic. Add to that all the guest spots coming up (thank you, Neil Patrick Harris!) and themed shows--what more could you ask for? Oh--and how could I forget? My sister will be making an appearance in the show on one of the episodes this spring, which is very cool indeed.

Dancing With the Stars--Can anyone tell me how Kate Gosslin is still on DWTS? How does she still have fans? Are people just voting for her because she's got all those adorable kids? Voting for someone because they're good at procreating is incomprehensible. She either sleepwalks or stomps through her routine, and her facial expressions are zombie-like on the dance floor. Not appealing. Not at all. And her personality in the behind-the-scenes packages comes off as whiny and annoying--less than endearing. So why has she not been voted off yet??

Speaking of dancing, I'm not sure I'm a big fan of all the changes that are coming to So You Think You Can Dance. Old contestants are coming back to partner with new dancers, but they're cutting down the finalists to a Top Ten, instead of a Top Twenty. Have they exhausted the pool of good dancers? Probably not, but I guess the producers feel that re-introducing familiar faces will draw more viewers. I have to admit, though, there are a few of the dancers I'm excited to see returning--Pasha, Mark, Twitch, Anya, Allison, and Dominic. I think there are a few more they have yet to announce, too. Is it too much to ask for to have Nick or Blake back from Season One? I also think it's a pretty safe bet to assume that dancers like Travis and Benji will continue to be around in the role of choreographer, which is great. I can't wait to see Adam as judge again, and I'm hoping Wade will still be a part of the show. Mary I could do without.

I'm not going to admit to watching American Idol, because I've already given away that I watch too much T.V., but if I WERE going to admit it, I would have to note here how happy I was to see Nuttin' But Stringz putting on a performance the other night. Those boys are just fantastic, and to be visually represented by Travis Wall's amazing dance number was the perfect complement to their music.

While we're on the subject of television, let's talk about Modern Family. This is the best show to hit the airwaves in a long time. Witty dialogue, dead-on delivery, characters that are completely believable and relatable, and flat-out funny situations. This is a true ensemble cast--I can't pick out a member among them who is dead weight.

Between the shows, of course, are all the commercials. Obviously, in today's world of Tivo/DVRs, many of us fast-forward through all the commercials. Some of them still sneak into our consciousness, though, either because their arresting images make us rewind the DVR to see what we missed, or because (gasp!) we're watching a show in real time. Here are a few commercials that have caught my attention, for better or worse:

The Crazy Burger King: This guy has got to be the creepiest mascot in the history of mascots. They used to have him standing outside bedroom windows at night, staring ominously in. Then they had him standing over unsuspecting sleepers in their bedrooms. (If I woke up and saw that guy standing over my bed, I would NOT be thinking, "Hey, I'm kinda hungry for a burger." I'd grab the mace or the baseball bat by my bed and start swinging.) Now, instead of being a silent stalker, he's grabbing food out of people's hands and running through plate glass windows. Doesn't that make you hungry? No? Me neither.

Flo the Progressive Girl: Doesn't everybody love this girl? What an infectious personality! I wish she'd move next door to us. She seems like she'd make the perfect BFF. Wouldn't it be fun to go shopping with her? She'd convince everyone to let us name our own prices and we could carry around our own pricing guns. We tried to get Bree to dress up as Flo for Halloween last year, but she didn't go for it. I think it would have been an awesome costume.

I'm On a Horse Guy: Look at me. Now look at your man. Now BACK TO ME. Who cares what this guy is selling--you've just got to follow his commands, no? What is he selling, anyway? (According to the picture, I guess it's Old Spice.)

Stolen Butterfinger Commercial: Okay, so I'm no fan of violent means to an end, but that commercial is funny! I hate to say it serves him right, but...there's an app for that.
Oh, I'm sure there are lots more I could talk about, but my DVR is overflowing. I've got to go clear some space.


  1. I am only able to commit to Biggest Loser and Parenthood. I have every episode of Glee in my Hulu queue, but I have only watched the first two. (We don't own a DVR). Clearly, I'm deprived!!

  2. I LOVE Modern Family. My oldest son has indicated they must have somehow learned about our family because they are stealing our stories...(He also said that about Malcolm in the Middle!)
    Kate, Kate, Kate...I thought she would get voted off first because she was clearly the worst. Not only that, but her pouty face and angry eyes turned me right off. She certainly has not been gracious!
    Lindsey Petersen