Friday, April 16, 2010

Bruin of the Month

April 16, 2010
Nicholas was nominated by his Academic Block teacher as Bruin of the Month, so on Wednesday I got to attend a luncheon honoring him and the other nominees. It was wonderful to listen to his teacher stand up in front of Nicholas' peers and the other teachers and sing his praises.

In this letter, which may be too small here to be read easily, Mrs. Clemings says, "His parents are his greatest source of inspiration. Here's why: 'When I have a problem with something, my parents always tell me I can do it, and they tell me I will find a way to figure it out,' Nick said, and he pointed out that it has been 'a pretty good year at ASI.'"

Definitely a proud moment for Mom. Nicholas has made the transition to junior high far more easily than I ever expected him to. He has not only transitioned well, but he has absolutely blossomed.


  1. congrats! awesome kid-awesome mom. :)

  2. Wonderful job, Nicholas! Wonderful job, Mom and Doug!