Friday, April 2, 2010

A Conscious Choice

April 2, 2010

Inspired by Miss Natalie....

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Each person who enters our lives, whether it be for a season or a lifetime, touches us in a unique way that imprints itself and changes part of who we are. These evolutions of self, these iterations of our beings, are all real, genuine facets of the person we are now and the one we will become.

I don't regret a single soul who has come into my life, even the ones who caused me pain, or the ones I have caused pain. Those people, those experiences, have made me who I am. By the same token, I won't ever say that I am completely fulfilled or fully realized, because that negates the potential for all the people I've yet to encounter who will, in ways large and small, touch my world and open my eyes to new facets of myself as I continue to grow in this life.

People in this world will hurt you, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes with purpose. Jump in with both feet anyway. Live fully, grow from what you've experienced. Look for the best in people, even when they don't see it in themselves. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be nicer to people than they deserve. Be nicer to yourself than you sometimes deserve. Because ultimately, we're all just stumbling along, doing our best to survive the war. Sometimes we forget how we impact our fellow-travelers on the path. We don't know each others' stories even when we think we do; we can only ever know our own stories fully. So how to proceed? How to move forward rather than get mired in hurt? Acknowledge the strength gained and lessons learned, and chose not to carry the rest with you. It is, after all, a conscious choice--your choice. At the end of the road you'll find your load is light, and your heart full.


  1. Wow, Mrs. L. I really needed to read something like this today. Honestly, this just confirmed so many things. Details later! :) haha

  2. Beautifully written, Donna. And a lesson that so many need to take to heart. Myself included!