Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Doug, On Our Anniversary

April 14, 2010

Three years ago today, our family and friends were there to celebrate with us.

Three years ago today, I donned a princess dress to walk down the aisle.

Three years ago today, two worlds were joined.

Three years ago today, my children welcomed their step-dad with open arms.

Three years ago today, you took my hand in yours.

Three years ago today, you looked into my eyes.

Three years ago today, you promised your love to me always.

Three years ago today, our happily ever after began....

I love...
how you make me laugh each day
how we can talk for hours--about everything or nothing
how much you love our kids
how we've made our home together
how you make me a better me
how we cook together, watch TV together, hang out with friends together, snuzzle on the couch together, play together
how we hug, kiss, hold hands
how all the little things add up to the deepest love
how excited I am to spend the rest of my life with you

I love you--happy anniversary, babe!


  1. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. :)

  2. Oh Donna..... I want what you have. You are so blessed. I really need to talk to you some time. I really admire all you have done and all you have accomplished to make such a happy home life for you, your hubby and kids. You are truly a champion and amazing woman. You deserve all the happiness that has come your way and more. Your children are so amazing and I am so blessed to call you my friend:) We don't see each other often enough, but I truly admire your strength and courage when things were tough. You are a shining example that you truly can "have it all". God bless you and Doug:)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    What a beautiful post. Wishing you and Doug many more years of happiness!