Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Joys of Summer

June 23, 2010

Last summer, our pool--our whole backyard--was virtually uninhabitable. It was sad and pathetic, and beyond our energy and resources to repair. But finally, after a lot of money and a lot of hard work (especially by Doug and our nephew Justin and his buddy), we have reclaimed our backyard and made it a place we all want to be to swim, bar-b-que, entertain, and just relax. I'd love to say our children never squabble anymore and that puppies and kittens smile and brighten the yard, but that's not entirely true. The picture below of Nicholas and Danielle was probably taken just before he dragged her under in an impulsive mischievous mood swing. But still, since there's more room to spread out, the kids are a little less in each others' hair this summer. Also, I'm pretty sure our cat Kelly does smile every now and again at all the fun being had, so there's that, too. Regardless, Doug and I are pretty proud of all we accomplished out there, and we love hearing the kids ask if they can have friends over to swim. Hooray for summer!


  1. That looks great...and fun! I would be out there all the time if that were my backyard.

  2. Job well done! Your yard looks fabulous and the pool is so inviting. But I have to say, your bbq made me hungry. What a great looking dinner! Hope you all enjoy the pool and your summer.

  3. That round chair thing is da bomb!! (As the younguns say.)

    We had a pool growing up and it was seriously awesome. Yay for you guys!

  4. Looking good DK. Wish I could drop by for a swim -- that 17 hour drive somehow gets in the way!