Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend Birthday Celebration

June 3, 2010

We celebrated David's birthday this past weekend with a big extended family get-together at Me n' Ed's. Not only were David and Carrie in town, but Gary, Cheryl, and Morgan were there, and Lisa and her girls came up for a visit as well. It was quite a full house! After pizza and cake and lots of socializing, lots of the adults came back to our house for a very humorous game of Just Dance on the Wii. (At the request of some of our fabulous dancers, I am not posting pictures of the dance portion of the evening. You'll just have to trust me that they're fun pictures, and all participants had a blast!)

Carrie and Freya

Bailey, Em, and Clara
Shel, Carol, Emily, Mark, Debbie, and Gryphon
Gary, Cheryl, and Morgan
Bree and Kathryn
Our beloved Bobsey twins, Devin and Danielle (notice Devin's green teeth, thanks to candy, and Danielle's hair, which perpetually covers part of her face). A typical shot of these two.
Bailey, who gave her hard-won toy to Freya, just because. (Bailey has some serious claw-machine skills!)
Doug, Danielle, and me
Little Miss Pixie Morgan
Our kids make their own fun. In the middle of the pizza parlor, they started up a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.
I love this one of Bree and Morgan!
Again, a typical picture, this time of Mr. Nicholas. This is what he usually looks like, eyes glued to the screen and ear plugs to fully emerse himself in the world of Star Wars.
Morgan and Uncle Dave

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