Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garfield Carnival 2010

October 24, 2010

In this year of firsts and lasts, here's just one more to add to the list: The Garfield Elementary Carnival. My youngest is in 6th grade, so that means our connections to this school, though they will always be there in spirit, will be a thing of the past. That hasn't stopped Brianna from coming back every year--it's a tradition she looks forward to each fall, even though she's a senior this year--so I'm sure we'll check back in every now and again. But realistically speaking, it's the end of an era for us, and future visits will be more about nostalgia than about an active participation in a community we will no longer be a part of.

These little entreprenuers have their own necklace business, and they were a part of this year's Vendor Alley. They design, create, and sell at local carnivals. I was very impressed with their presentation! And yes, I had to buy something from them: )

My good friend Jennifer and her daughter Megan, also participating in Vendor Alley. Jen is unbelievably creative--I'm pretty jealous. My friend Karen also had a booth selling her adorable handmade baby blankets and bibs. I just had to buy something from her for my new niece, Zoe. How is it possible that my friends are all so crafty and I'm so...not?
The Pick-A-Pumpkin Patch

There was quite a variety of inflatables--some for the big kids, and some for the little ones. (You just can't have those 6th grade bruiser boys bouncing around and knocking heads with the tiny kindergarteners.) I thought this one was especially cool--an inflatable bucking bronco! Soft, bouncy landing included.
One of the booths selling tasty treats. Who doesn't love snow cones?
Brianna's good friend Shelby joined Danielle and Brianna for the evening.

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